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Declaration of Conformity

SPRING 2024 Sunglasses

Breaker Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0236, SCA-SUN-0237)

Crash Glasses Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0238, SCA-SUN-0239)

Breaker Opus Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0240, SCA-SUN-0241)

Darwin Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0242, SCA-SUN-0243)

Speed MFG Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0244, SCA-SUN-0245)

Dressen Roses Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0246)

Multi Classic Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0247, SCA-SUN-0136)

Paradise Strip Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0144, SCA-WSU-0145)

Opus Dot Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0146, SCA-WSU-0147, SCA-SUN-0248)

Vivid Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0249)

SB Insider Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0251)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0250, SCA-SUN-0234, SCA-WSU-0148, SCA-WSU-0149)

SB Insider Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0252)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0225)

Fall 2023 Sunglasses

Opus Dot Speed Shades (SCA-SUN-0235)

SUMMER 2023 Sunglasses

Inferno Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0228, 0229)

Shadowless Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0230, 0231)

50th Checker Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0232)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0233, 0234)

Tropical Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0136, 0137)

Inferno Japanese Strip Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0142, 0143)

SPRING 2023 Sunglasses

Holo Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0207)

Mako Dollar Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0208)

Tie Dye hand Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0209, 0210)

Valley Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0211, 0212)

Classic Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0213, 0214)

Cosmic Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0216)

Toxic Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0217, 0218)

SB Logo Chrome Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0219)

Opus Dot AG Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0221)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0224, 0225)

Multi Classic Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0226, 0227, 0136, 0187)

Tropical Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0136, 0137)

Strip II Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0138, 0139)

SUMMER 2022 Sunglasses

Strip in Colour Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0199, SCA-SUN-0200)

Hands in Colour Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0201)

Contest Oval Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0204)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0205, SCA-SUN-0206, SCA-WSU-0130, SCA-WSU-0131)

Classic Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0202, SCA-SUN-0203, SCA-WSU-0134, SCA-WSU-0135)

SPRING 2022 Sunglasses

Screaming Insider Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0106, SCA-SUN-0164)

Multi Classic Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0136, SCA-SUN-0187, SCA-SUN-0162, SCA-SUN-0188)

Divide Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0181, SCA-SUN-0182)

Roskopp The Five Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0183)

Slasher Camo Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0184)

Multi Hand Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0185, SCA-SUN-0186)

Mako Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0189, SCA-SUN-0190)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0191, SCA-SUN-0167)

SW 66 Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0192, SCA-SUN-0193)

SW Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0194, SCA-SUN-0195)

Opus Dot Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0126, SCA-WSU-0127)

Strip II Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0128, SCA-WSU-0129)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0130, SCA-WSU-0131)

Ditsy Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0132, SCA-WSU-0133)

Spring 2021 Sunglasses

Tropicana Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0120, SCA-WSU-0122)

Multi Classic Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0136, SCA-SUN-0161, SCA-SUN-0162, SCA-SUN-0163)

Screaming Insider Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0106, SCA-SUN-0164)

Strip II Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0124, SCA-WSU-0125)

Dazed Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0160)

Snake Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0165)

Watson Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0166, SCA-SUN-0167, SCA-SUN-0170, SCA-SUN-0171, SCA-SUN-0158, SCA-SUN-0146)

Contra Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0168, SCA-SUN-0169)

Classic Strip Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0172)

Drippy Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0173)

Opus Dot Japanese Dot Sunglasses (SCA-SUN-0174, SCA-SUN-0175)

Solar Sunglasses (SCA-WSU-0111, SCA-WSU-0123, SCA-SUN-0108, SCA-WSU-0109)

(You can find the code of your sunglasses on the inside of their arms)