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RAW & UNCUT: The BEST of Erick Winkowski's Santa Cruz Footage!

No one does it like @erickwinkowski5696 We gathered the best of Erick's clips from the Right to Exist days all the way up to our recent F#%! Em video, all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Kick back and enjoy 40 minutes of Winkowski doing what he does best!

A MIND BLOWING 50th Anniversary Celebration for Santa Cruz Skateboards

From tearing up the boardwalk to Dinosaur Jr's iconic tunes filling the air, our 50th celebration was an explosion of stoke! Join us as we revisit the day's most memorable moments and celebrate fifty years of skate history. From the beginning, til the end. 

Produced and Directed by Joe Perrin

Camera Op by Joe Perrin, Nick Hanson, and Joey Digital


Kiitos (meaning thank you in Finnish) is a new edit put together by Alan Glass filmed in London, Bristol, Vienna, Gran Canaria and Lisbon.

Watch above to see the talents of Aaron Jago, Onni Saltevo, Amy Ram, Jack Steele, Seb Batty, Anibal Martins, Blake Johnson, Nimrod Toledo and Gabriel Ribeiro making use of the varied and desirable terrain.

Filmed by: Alan Glass, Tom Gammage, Enrique Mayor, Jackson Davis, Nick Richards & Damia Tesorero

Edited by: Alan Glass 

How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba's True Grit

Want to skate forever? Salba's got the sauce! Take a deep dive into the decades of experience as Salba shares his wisdom and passion for skateboarding that never ages. The true embodiment of From the Beginning Til The End!

Inspiring some of the greatest skateboarders of all time such as Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Jeff Kendall, Salba answers the question we are all too scared to ask, "How long can I skate for?"

Pokémon Blind Bag Product Challenge

Today we are excited to put the Pokémon Limited Edition Assorted Blind Bag decks to the test with 3 challenges from Santa Cruz Skateboards Brand Manager Andrew Cannon! These Blind Bags and the collection of apparel will be available on September 13th at 9am EST for the Global Release!

"Don't Walk" Keet Oldenbeuving Video Part

Santa Cruz proudly presents “Don’t Walk” featuring our women’s global team with a standout debut part from our very own Keet Oldenbeuving.

2023 Pro Skater on 1973 Board?! Jake Wooten's Cruzer Surprise

Experience skateboarding time travel as 2023 pro skater Jake Wooten takes on our classic 1973 Cruzer reissue! Peep the seamless blend of modern tricks with old-school style. This one will be sure to leave you inspired and hyped to go skate. Subscribe now and be a part of our 50th Anniversary celebration!

Filmed and Edited by Joe Perrin

Get To Know Jan Hirt: International Ripper From Switzerland Full Part + Interview!

Meet heavy rail skater from Bern Switzerland, Jan Hirt. Dude drops some HAMMERS in this part and then sticks around to tell us how it all went down. Learn the ins and outs of skating in Switzerland from one of the gnarliest out there.

Film/Edit: Anthony Geissbühler

Music by Zzzahara - "Bulletproof feat. Mareux"

Santa Cruz Skateboards presents: Onni Saltevo

Filmed and edited by Teemu Metsäkylä

Additional filming by: Victor Höglund, Roberto Marcelli, Teo Perez & Elias Peter

Supported by Santa Cruz Skateboards

Helsinki, 2023.

Justin Sommer's Pro Video Part: "Sparrows” | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Back in the day sailors would get a sparrow tattooed on them after traveling 5,000 nautical miles. Santa Cruz is 5,695 miles from Berlin, so when Justin turned pro we felt he deserved a sparrow. Justin’s Pro model boards are available at skate shops now!

30 Min w/ Andrew Cannon, New Reissue & Best Wheels Ever?! Product Challenge | Santa Cruz Skateboards

We are back with another Product Challenge! This week, Andrew skates Corey O'Brien's PURGATORY Reissue, available now online and at your local shop!

EMAN Takes The PLUNGE! Eastland DIY Demo in Charlotte, NC | Saints & Sinners Ep. 10

Ring the alarm! The final episodes of the SAINTS & SINNERS tour are here, keeping things rolling in Charlotte, NC for Episode 10. Get in the van and soak up the streets of North Carolina with the crew before heading to Eastland DIY for a heavy demo! Stick around Til The End to see EMAN take the plunge at a hectic spot, you won't want to miss it!

NEW PRO JUSTIN SOMMER'S Raw & Uncut from his Independent Trucks Part! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Tom Asta Battles Freezing Cold Temps for Last Trick in MISPRINTS | Santa Cruz Skateboards

All the goods from Justin's 'STREET ASSASSIN' Raw Ams part from Independent Trucks ????

Join Tom Asta and Maurio McCoy as they head into Nashville, TN to lock in their last trip before premiering MISPRINTS! We start things off with a mandatory Hottie B's Chicken stop as Maurio breaks down what the filming process has been like for MISPRINTS. A few days into the trip, an unexpected SNOW STORM rolls through but that doesn't stop Tom from handling biz!

Watch MISPRINNTS Now Playing on our YouTube channel!

This is How Tom Asta Became One of the Best Skateboarders Alive: True Grit | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Life comes at all of us differently. Some people use their situation as an excuse and others use it to fuel their fire. Tom Asta grew up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and still calls it home to this day. One of the more humble people we've met, Tom takes you through coming up in the skate industry that was based on the other side of the country, with no plans of ever "Going Pro". Natural talent and his great attitude brought him to the likes of Chris Cole and Jamie Thomas who helped him become the seasoned Pro he is today. We are proud to present to you the Tom Asta True Grit.

Produced by Andrew Cannon, Joe Perrin & Trevar Cushing. Edited by Brendan Zipfel

Archival footage by Ian Berry, Adam Hribar, Anthony Travis, Cory Williams, Tyrone Romero & Kyle Camarillo

Santa Cruz Skateboards 'MISPRINTS'

Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun & Introducing Devin Flynn. Directed by Joe Perrin with associate producer Eric Palozzolo.

With a focus on their east coast and midwest routes the crew traveled between Philadelphia, New York, Nashville and more over the last year.

Camera work by Nick Hanson, Harry Bergenfield, and Joe Perrin

Surprise: You're PRO! Yndiara Asp's Professional Debut | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Today we get a complete rundown of the day that Yndiara turned PRO! From traveling to Santa Cruz for a "photo shoot" to getting the surprise of a lifetime, follow us through Yndiara's special day and experience the stoke first hand! You definitely won't want to miss her reaction!

Look out for Yndiara's 'Slither' Pro Model available NOW!

Wooten, Gartland & McCoy: The Trip That Started It All! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Today we are are stoked to be joined by @santacruzskateboards Head Videographer @thekillatapes for an in-depth look at the trip that changed everything for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Young Bucks Maurio McCoy, Jake Wooten & Henry Gartland came on this trip as hungry ams and left with everyones jaws on the floor! This is the trip that set the tone for the future of SC, and we couldn't be more excited to share with you all this amazing behind the scenes look at one of their favorite trips to date.

We miss you so much Henry.

A Day in the Life w/Pheonix Sinnerton! Screaming Vlog 86 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Fall 2021 Organics collection


This season’s Organics line offers a wide range of unisex sizes from XS-XXL. The line aims to bridge the gap between our women’s and men’s apparel, giving customers more options to express their personal style and aesthetic. Clothing for all humans!



Produced with 100% organic cotton, every piece in this collection was made using less water, chemicals and energy in both its production and printing compared to traditional methods.



By supporting organic farming and ‘OEKO-TEX’ approved printing, our Organics range subscribes to higher ethical standards with long-term benefits not only for the environment, but also the health of workers and ultimately the end-consumer.



New for this season, the Japanese Wave Dot is a combination of two Santa Cruz graphics. The outline version of the ever present Moon Dot appears for another season.


Jake Wooten Interview

First up - congratulations on turning pro! How is your life going to change?

I don’t think too much will change on a day-to-day basis...still going to go out with the same homies and skate every day!


Were you involved in the plans or were you surprised by the team holding your boards and pouring champagne over you? That’s often how it goes down these days right?

I had absolutely no idea about the plan to turn me pro, so I was very confused at first and then completely blown away when I realized what was happening. They also got my parents in on it (they just so happened to be out here for the first time since I moved from Tennessee) so I couldn’t have asked for a better time. The champagne was sick and all but seeing the entire SC squad inside my little one bed apartment at ONE TIME was so damn cool. Something that is beyond even my ten-year-old self’s wildest dreams.


What’s your first graphic all about? Who created it and what does it mean to you?

My first graphic is all about expressing my mind. It shows all sorts of duality and contrast with not only the art but the colors of the board as well. It was made by Tommy Fernando, and it is my greatest accomplishment in life. Since I started skating my earliest dreams were of going pro. It’s deeper than words. It truly is everything I ever wanted in life, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

You’re from Tennessee originally, right? Do you live there now? 

 I was born and raised in Gallatin, Tennessee for 19 years of my life, then in January 2019 I moved out to Carlsbad with some friends in Southern California and have been in southern California since.


The documentary that Santa Cruz made about you told us you were really influenced to start skateboarding by one of those live Tony Hawk arena events - do you remember which part of it got you so psyched?

 It was in 2005 and my uncle Phillip (who I ended up moving in with when I was 8) took me out to go see Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam. I think he was trying to get me stoked up the motocross aspect, he had a 450 and had gotten me a 50cc. They were doing backflips on a course around the vert ramp in the center, but my eyes were focused on Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald. I remember seeing them skate and watching do the sickest doubles and being enthralled.

That era of skateboarding had some great videos - what was one that you used to session a lot in your early days?

 The video that got me most psyched as a youngin’ would have to be Cheese and Crackers with Haslam and Daewon. Innovation, creativity, and comedy were my all-time favorite. 


The Santa Cruz team has been pretty prolific in the last few years - travelling, shooting videos, getting new riders, ams turning pro, etc... Is it hard work? How do you feel being on a team that is so busy?

 Santa Cruz has definitely been active the past couple of years, but I am nothing but grateful about it. It can definitely be strenuous on long trips of non-stop 8+ hour days, but you can always rest at home before or after a trip haha. And I am super stoked to have such an active team because of the constant push to skate more spots, get more footage, and in general be the best that I can be on and off the board.


On trips do you have a regular roomie or do you switch it up?

I lived with Tom Schaar and Vincent Matheron when I first came out here, shortly after Vince got hurt and had to go back to France for surgery and rehab. After that E Henry Gartland (REST IN PEACE <3) moved in. Henry and I got a spot after and stayed roommates until he passed away. Now I have a one-bed apt but hopefully can find some roommates soon.


Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far? 

 Argentina was an extremely rad experience as well as Australia, but I think Spain takes the cake.


Who can eat the most - Erick Winkowski or you? (Andrew Cannon reckons it’s you but I’ve seen Erick take down some mountains of food ha ha!)

 If it’s Erick versus me in sweets, Erick will win every time. He could eat a 5-gallon bucket of Haagen Daas in one sitting if it wasn’t $5 a pint. But for savory foods I have him beat. I double entree half of the places I eat out.

What kind of music gets you amped to skate?

For me to get amped to skate I’ll usually throw on some rap/hip-hop or anything that really sets the vibe for the day, some jazz or old blues.


Which skater(s) inspire you? Who’s really doing it out there these days? 

I have a wide array of skaters that influence me for all types of reasons. I idolize people like P-Rod, Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk for their contributions to skateboarding and their ability to create companies that succeed in the market of skateboarding by skateboarders. Then there are skaters like Ishod Wair, Grant Taylor, Zion Wright that the ability that they have is so mesmerizing that when I watch footage of them it is truly envious.


Thanks Jake!

Photos by Eric Palozzolo

Santa Cruz Skateboards "Til the End" Vol.5!

Til The End Vol.5 is finally here! Knibbs kicks off the show, careening through traffic before Maurio covers the street-bump beat and Eman gets rocked by a phone pole, only to continue his high-speed pursuit. The Santa Cruz squad has outdone itself. Get a drink and sit back and enjoy 30 mins of the the team killin' it!


SO Many Hammers! 18 STAIR Noseblunt?! Day Of Destruction!


Almost 3 years ago we took our first full trip with what would become the future pros for Santa Cruz. Henry Gartland, Maurio McCoy, Jereme Knibbs and Kevin Braun skated a classic San Jose Spot. This was the first time in the SC van for a lot of them and this turned out to be one of the most epic sessions of the whole trip. Tune in to see what a day on tour is like with the crew.



Today we talk about and put to the test the 8.375 x 32 Johnson Warrior Powerply* Deck. This board comes on our powerply construction, making your board stronger against impact chips and our medium concave. This board features artwork from our friend Yaia. In this video we break down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Then we put Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three different challenges. Let us know in the comments below what challenges we should throw in the bins next! This weeks product setup: 8.375 x 32 Johnson Warrior Powerply 144 Stage 11 Standard Independent Trucks 53mm 99a Knibbs Pro Wide Ricta Wheels Bronson G3 Indy 7/8" allen hardware Black Mob *patent pending



In today's Screaming Vlog it's strictly the streets. Tom Asta and Kevin Braun get to skate some dream spots, make some clips for the next big projects and get lucky with some "one last try!" attempts. Be sure to check out all the Screaming Vlogs and subscribe to the channel and turn on the notifications to stay up to date on the latest from Santa Cruz Skateboards.


In Screaming Vlog 15 we spend the day with Tom Asta, Kevin Braun, SC TM Eric Palozzolo and SC Video Producer Joe Perrin in SF. Tom does throw away lines that most of us only dream of, Joe get’s some behind the scenes info on how Tom Asta operates as a human and then challenges him to a first try Straight 8. You think Tom’s got it? Tune in to find out! Be sure to subscribe and hit the notifications so you will know when the next Screaming Vlog pops up!

Amy Ram clip playing on Vague Mag

Santa Cruz very own UK rider Amy Ram who Vague Mag interviewed for Issue 5 of the mag (read here) comes through with a quick clip with Matt Hunt filmed in Cornwall and London!


Today we talk about and put to the test the 8.25 x 31.83 Fabiana Delfino Tarot Powerply* Deck. We are also excited to share with you the SC x Vans collab that is exclusively at Zumiez and available right now as well as the all-new OJ Nomads wheels that come in 95a. This board features our Powerply* construction, making your board stronger against impact chips and is on our medium concave. This board has artwork from our friend Thomas Fernandez AKA LiveRadStudios and was inspired by Fabiana herself. In this video, we break down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Then we put Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three different challenges. Let us know in the comments below what challenges we should throw in the bins next! This weeks product setup: 8.25 x 31.83 Delfino Tarot Powerply* Deck 139 Stage 11 Standard Independent Trucks 53mm 95a OJ Elite Nomads Bronson G3 Indy 7/8" Allen hardware Black Mob *patent pending


With over 11 and a half minutes of style we are thankful for Tom and those mean switch front heels today. What are you thankful for today everyone?


Today we talk about and put to the test the 8.25 x 31.8 Knibbs Reptilian Powerply* Deck. This board comes on our powerply* construction, making your board stronger against impact chips and our medium concave. But that’s not all! This board also has our wide tip shape outline which means that the nose and the tail of this board are wider giving you more space to lock your foot in for tricks. This board is Jereme Knibbs first pro graphic on a new colorway and the art is done by our friend Killer Acid. In this video we break down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Then we put Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three different challenges. Let us know in the comments below what challenges we should throw in the bins next!

This weeks product setup:

8.25 x 31.8 Knibbs Reptilian Powerply*

139 Stage 11 Standard Independent Trucks

52mm 101a OJ Elite EZ Edge

Bronson G3

Indy 7/8" allen hardware

Black Mob *patent pending

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Filmed & Edited by Eric Danescu! Follow Eric on Instagram!

WATCH Til The End Vol. 4 on THRASHER HERE!